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King of Glory - Todd Dulaney
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Who is The Chosen One?

     Wendell Huckaby is a man after God’s own heart, and a loving  father.  He has been ministering in mime over 20 years. His passion for ministry through the art of mime, praise dance, and gospel hip hop as an avenue to reach God’s people is very evident in the way he ministers.  

     He is not a trained dancer, but has been guided by the Holy Spirit to deliver a message through movement.  The call and anointing on his life gives him the ability to interpret the word of God through his movements and facial expressions. He allows God to not only give him the movements, but also the songs to minister. His ministry reflects the goodness and mercy of Christ. Understanding that without Christ nothing is possible, helps him speak to those that feel lost, or as if they have done too much for God to forgive them. His testimony is lived out through his ministry, allowing all to know that God is faithful and just to forgive all sin. His ministry is not entertainment, and truly more than a notion.

     He teaches mime, host workshops, and give classes on proper paint application/facial expressions. In addition to ministering and teaching Mr. Huckaby also sell mime supplies, DVD’s (of his personal ministry), and shoot videos for other ministries through his company Mime Life Ministries, where he is the President/Founder.  

     He does ministry full time, but he also has a Photography business (Chosen Photography). Capturing the beauty of God in every aspect of life and nature is what he desires to do.  If you want a man of God to capture the best moments of your special day, or just self/family portraits please contact him.

Wendell's Goal is to Use the gifts God has given him to glorify Him and build His Kingdom.

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